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Yoga Therapy. Meditation. Healing.

Las Vegas, NV & Worldwide via Skype

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No matter your location whether living locally in Las Vegas, Nevada or traveling around the world, Private Yoga Therapy can be practiced anywhere... At home or hotel, in the office or gym, at a yoga studio or out in nature, choose what fits your schedule best!


Creating a comfortable designated environment for your practice is an essential first step to beginning your Yoga practice


Enjoy private yoga therapy sessions any where you would like to be for an hour to 90 minutes and have your own tailored self healing mind/body experience.


Your experience level, is always considered, even if you have never done yoga before. 


You can expect to relax, de-stress, share your intentions, discuss your thoughts, feelings and insights. 


You will learn gentle/restorative yoga and meditation techniques, that will give you a good foundation in self-healing and self-discovery which will serve you well as a spring board into a whole new relationship with yourself as your skills increase.


With a regular practice you will soon notice changes in your body and in your mind.